That was so last season

Fashion fads change from year to year and this winter was no different.

This winter was very harsh with cold temperatures and massive snowfall, but that didn’t stop a lot of people from keeping up with the latest fashion trends.  Even with the prolonged winter, people didn’t have to sacrifice being fashionable for a few short months. To stay in style, many teens turned to jackets, sweaters, boots, and hats to express themselves.

This winter, oversized sweaters were definitely a must-have, especially knit sweaters in basic colors such as beige, white and black. Another item that took up residence in guys’ and girls’ closets was combat boots.  While very rugged and stylish, they are also very simple.

Hats were also winter must-haves, and this winter, beanies were on most people’s heads. These hats have different patterns and themes that make them one of the most versatile accessories out there. Some represent sports teams, while others were just cool designs.

Infinity scarves were worn mainly by girls, but the unique design of this scarf was intriguing to all. Like beanies, they had different patterns and textures.  While some people saw the trends as hot, others did not. “Everybody was wearing it so there was no originality,” said Hannah Lonergan, who disagreed with some of these trends.

Jackie Diaz was all about these trends, saying, “Aside from the fact that they were good for the cold, they looked good on almost everyone.”