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Wendy’s Cobb Salad

          When I tried the Wendy’s Cobb Salad, I instantly knew I had a new favorite at this fast food restaurant. My original go to meal from Wendy’s was either the classic chicken nuggets with fries or their Southwest Avocado Salad. After the avocado salad was discontinued, I was forced to try something new. I saw the cobb salad where the avocado salad used to be, read its contents, and decided to give it a go. The salad consists of iceberg lettuce, diced tomatoes, grilled chicken, bacon, shredded cheese, chopped boiled eggs, crispy onion toppings, and ranch dressing.

          Some pros to this salad are definitely the taste for starters. The list of ingredients might sound overwhelming for a salad, but they definitely do go together nicely. All the flavors compliment each other. The savory freshness is definitely going to make your meal. The vegetables in this salad are so fresh and crunchy. The tomatoes aren’t slimy and the lettuce isn’t withered. The different texture and flavor combinations in this salad are literally great, no other words to describe it. 

          If you’re looking for a more healthy salad, this may not be the option for you. The lettuce in this salad has little to no nutrients at all. This salad alone consists of 430 calories, 680 calories if you add the dressing. It consists of 1030 mg of sodium by itself and 1340 after you add dressing. The salad also consists of 8g of saturated fat, 12.5 after the dressing is added. There are a lot more health factors, but none of them are good, especially for a salad. The FDA daily recommended amount of calories is 2,000. This salad alone takes up 21.5% of your daily recommended calorie amount. The recommended daily amount of sodium is 2300 mg and saturated fat is 20g. For one meal, this salad doesn’t leave room for many other meals if you want to meet your daily recommendation goals. Although I enjoy this salad a lot, I do not consume it daily or even weekly. 

This salad comes in a clear, sturdy container. The material is not even close to flimsy, it’s a very high quality bowl. The Wendy’s closest to my house is always clean and clear. Never too crowded, but even on busy days it still remains clean. This includes its bathrooms, it’s very rare to find a fast food restroom with a nice, clean, and properly functioning bathroom. I think Wendy’s as a total chain does a nice job at keeping its locations clean. I don’t recall ever coming across a Wendy’s with a dirty seating area or anything in that sort, especially compared to their competitors.

Joy Odusanya


The Burrito Shoppe Review

This small but important restaurant in the St. George area is a popular choice among many people. The only people who may not like the idea of this restaurant are the people who don’t like Mexican food in general. You can find the restaurant at 100 Stuyvesant Pl, and its convenient location is a big draw for customers. Once you step inside, you’ll be surrounded by Mexican culture and a lively atmosphere, making it a fun place to visit and eat.

  My first impressions when I entered were very special. The restaurant itself was visually appealing, giving a good ascetics while making it feel like we were moved to Mexico. With the nice greeting from the workers, this place really feels like home. But what’s most important is the taste of the food. You can tell the ingredients used were very fresh, and the way they make it adds love and their own style. The food is nothing but amazing with its smell, visual aspect, and taste. 

  The three popular sellers at the restaurants are the burrito bowls, quesadilla, and tortas. Both the burrito bowls and quesadilla cost around $13 while the tortas cost around $12. These choices are their top seller because the process of making these foods is very individualized, giving it a sense of uniqueness and adding more value to it. Not only do they have breathtaking food, but also a wide variety of drinks and desserts you can try. The Burrito Shoppe is a very well-rounded restaurant that has everything you need to enjoy your food. 

  Throughout my many years of experience with this restaurant, I have never come out unsatisfied. From the location to the taste of the food, everything is almost perfect for people who are in the mood to adventure in the realm of Mexican food. I fully recommend going to this restaurant after a hard day at Curtis High School.

Aldrex Tabaquero


Among the many small-owned businesses serving fast food on Staten Island, House of Wings is one of the best. When put against other popular fast food franchises, it is highly regarded for its quick service, friendly hospitality, and tasty food. My family tends to spontaneously choose restaurants to eat at, so one day we decided to go out to eat and came across House of Wings. At first glance, the restaurant is full of people coming in and out, which lead me to believe that the food is both very good and the service is very fast. There weren’t many people dining in, so me and my family were lucky enough to have a table to fit the 7 of us. 

The menu at House of Wings is small but quite satisfying, offering popular fast food items like burgers, fries, and wings in halal form. Despite ordering a large amount of food, my family was seated and served our orders within 30 minutes because of the prompt service. For the price, the chicken burger from House of Wings is worth purchasing when compared to the chicken sandwiches offered by other fast food companies. 

The owner was incredibly kind, offering us extra food and beverages on the house, cleaning up after us even though we insisted on not doing so, and attending to any of our needs. The owner was really patient and understanding with my family while we were placing our orders because we were having trouble deciding, and afterwards my dad struck up a conversation with him, curious about his business. The owner answered all of his questions with genuine sincerity, which left us feeling positive. When our food arrived, we had originally ordered the half crew box which came with 5 drinks. However, the owner decided to add two additional drinks to our order, free of charge. Along with the free drinks, one of my family members decided to order another item after we had started eating, and the owner insisted on adding another item on the house. 

With its welcoming atmosphere and inclusive menu, you can tell that this restaurant places a high priority on its customers. I would suggest this restaurant to anyone searching for a reasonably priced meal that is also quite substantial.



The Dyson Airwrap is such a cool tool, especially for styling without extreme heat! It’s a multi-styler and dryer. So, it’s like having a mini-salon right at home. The Airwrap comes with different attachments, which makes it super versatile. You can curl, wave, smooth, and even dry your hair with it. The Coanda effect is the magic behind it, attracting hair to the barrel and then wrapping it for you. No need to be a pro! The long barrels are perfect for those with longer hair, giving you those lush curls or waves without tangling. Plus, the set includes brushes for a sleek look and a pre-styling dryer to get the moisture out before you style. But it’s not just about the looks; it’s healthier for your hair too. Since it uses air and not just heat, it’s less damaging. And it’s pretty fast. I’ve heard people say they cut down their styling time by a lot. If I were interested in not damaging my hair or applying unnecessary heat to it, I would definitely invest in this product. My hair was a victim of heat damage but by using this product in a couple of months my hair looked the healthiest it’s ever been since I wasn’t applying heat on it. The downside? While the Airwrap is versatile, it may not be ideal for those with very thick or coarse hair since it might not provide the same level of hold or definition. Additionally, the price is quite high, ranging from 500 – 550, which may not be suitable for everyone’s budget. But if you style your hair often and want to protect it from damage, it might be worth the investment. Plus, it’s built to last and comes with a sleek storage case. If you’re thinking of getting one, maybe try it out at a store first to see how it feels.

Josmery Vasquez


Avatar: The Last Airbender live action series Avatar: The Last Airbender is a show that was co-created by Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko. The show aired on Nickelodeon for three seasons from February 2005 to July 2008 before airing on Netflix. The series is centered around a 12 year old boy named Aang, who comes to find out that he is “the avatar” and the last survivor of his nation, the air nomads. Twelve year old Aang must restore the balance of the world by ending the Fire Nation’s war against the other nations with the help of his friends Katara, Sokka, and later Toph. The new live action adaptation of Avatar: The Last Airbender series premiered on Netflix February 22nd, 2024 with a total of eight episodes. There have been numerous disputes over whether the live action lives up to its expectations, and the answer is no. The show has received many positive reviews, but even the positive reviews have pointed out some of the series major flaws. One of them being the way Katara was written for the live action. Katara’s justifiable rage, deep rooted grief, and vocal frustration are what makes her character complex and compelling. But in the live action series she’s made to be more docile as her justifiable rage is replaced with meekness, her deep rooted grief is replaced with reluctant understanding, and her vocal frustration becomes quiet passivity. Secondly, the show is over-stuffed, they could have introduced the lore and world building gradually like in the original show. But the first eight episodes of this series contained the majority of the episodes from the original show’s first season, as well as various events from the second season, not one but two spin-off books, and information from the follow-up comic book series. For example, in the original episode, Aang and Katara navigate through a vast network of tunnels known as the cave of two lovers. Where Katara and Aang begin their romantic relationship. However, in the live-action episode 4: Into the Dark, the siblings Katara and Sokka were the ones who had to navigate through the tunnels instead. It’s 20 years of world building all piled into just under eight hours because a lot of it was done via exposition dump. Yes, we had a lot of monologues in the original show. But at least we had some stellar visuals or physical representations of the events that they were describing. In the live action series it feels like they were speed running the story and trying to cram as much fan service as possible just in case they weren’t green lit for a season 2. Although, the live action’s most creative exposition was the story of the founding of Omashu, that type of content isn’t seen until season 2 of the original series. The Avatar: The Last Airbender live action series really did a fantastic job of casting some of the characters really well.

Jhessymay Perez


Takis are a popular rolled corn tortilla chip. They are made by Barcel, a Mexican company. They have a strong combination of flavors of lime, spice, and chili spices and come in a wide variety of flavors. The Takis company makes a lot of other snacks with different or similar flavors, like peanuts, popcorn, and “stix.”. If you’re a fan of intense flavors and love spicy food, then Takis is the snack for you. One reason Takis are a popular snack is because they have unique and intense flavors. Takis are a very successful brand due to their wide variety; they’re everywhere, affordable, and available to buy. You can find them in almost every grocery store, and they come in different sizes to satisfy your needs. The prices range from (smallest bag) 0.50 cents to (largest bag) 4.50 cents. For people who don’t have a high spice tolerance or enjoy eating spicy food, this might not be the right snack for you, and I don’t recommend it because, as you eat the chip, it gets spicier and spicier. Also, they’re not as healthy and highly processed; if you eat too much, it can cause a certain health problem, such as gastritis, heartburn, etc. Overall, Takis Fuego is a snack with the most intense flavors for spicy food lovers, I recommend it if you’re looking for or enjoy that intense and aggressive spice.

Lydia Bangura


Owala FreeSip

The Owala FreeSip is currently a popular choice when it comes to water bottles. One of its most popular features is the 2 in 1 opening where you have the choice of either sipping through the straw or chugging through the wider opening. The FreeSip is a stainless steel water bottle that comes in different sizes and many different fun colors. The FreeSip is known for its convenience and functionality due to many different things such as it being easy to clean, a push button to open with a flip top lid, a handle for easy carrying that also doubles as a lock, and two features that are important for most people which is that the bottle is leakproof and can keep your beverage cold for up to 24 hours due to the bottles three layers of insulation and leak proof lid. It is also very well liked that the mouthpiece does not have to be touched when opening the bottle and helps with keeping germs off that area. Many features of this bottle may be the dealbreaker for some people such as the fact that it is recommended that the FreeSip should only be used with water as it is said on their website that it shouldn’t be used with carbonated or perishable beverages and not everyone only wants to use their water bottles with just water to start with. Along with that while the bottle is great at keeping your water or cold beverages cold, the FreeSip cannot be used with hot beverages either. Lastly, when it comes to washing the lid can be put in the dishwasher, along with the separate pieces that have to come out and also be cleaned such as the straw and rubber part in the lid but the main bottle can only be hand washed. These are some things that have been positive for some and negative for others. Overall for me and most people, the Owala FreeSip is a very versatile bottle with many different features that are useful for people who do sports, outdoor activities, or just for regular daily use. The FreeSip since it comes in many different sizes has many different prices ranging from $20-$40, the most being around $38 for the 40oz bottle, and can be purchased from any place you can find a water bottle such as Amazon, Best Buy, Target, Walmart and Owala’s website themselves. The FreeSip is a bottle that comes in many different sizes, and colors and has a very reasonable price that is usually pretty close to the size of the actual bottle, another example being that the 32 oz costs around $33 but with the exception of the 19oz costing around $24 which is still close to the actual size. All in all, the Owala FreeSip is a very unique water bottle that is loved and recommended by many people due to its focus on durability and convenience and is a top choice for many who are looking for a water bottle that is not only reliable but stylish with its many different color selections.



Some of the amazing characters and features of “The Originals” are the Intense plot, compelling characters, and Supernatural Elements. In “The Originals,” the Mikaelson family struggles to accept a troubled past filled with cruelty and betrayal. Klaus, Elijah, and Rebekah have to navigate a dark past that lurks around every corner in a world of love and treachery. They must confront their demons as they form new alliances and confront long-standing enemies in New Orleans to survive in a society where power conflicts and violence are the norm. All the characters in ‘The Originals’ provide unique qualities to the show. Klaus is the group’s leader because of his deviousness and intense ambition. Rebekah’s fiery independence adds complicity, but Elijah stands for honor and dignity in the face of tragedy. Together, they form a compelling group that is further enhanced by a diverse cast of supporting characters, each of whom has their secrets and agendas. Witches, werewolves, vampires, and other supernatural creatures fight for supremacy in the mysterious city of New Orleans. 

Teens who enjoy supernatural dramas like “Charmed”, “Supernatural,” or “The Vampire Diaries” will enjoy this narrative because it is set in New Orleans and revolves around the exploits of three powerful vampire siblings who have to fight against other supernatural beings. “The Originals” presents a storyline, lively characters, and surprising turns that make for an exciting and delightful general viewing experience. Another group of audience that will enjoy the show is viewers who enjoy action, romance, and drama. A broad range of people who appreciate romantic intrigue, emotional upheaval, and thrilling plots with a dash of danger may find it appealing. “The Originals” is a fascinating television series that effectively blends emotional depth and action, leaving viewers hooked with its characters’ risky struggles, powerful fights with supernatural rivals, and forbidden love. 

If realistic television is important to them, some people might not want to watch “The Originals”. Unlike television programs that depict reality or prioritize an accurate portrayal of human experiences, “The Originals” dives into the realm of imagination and the paranormal. Because the novel takes place in a universe where werewolves, witches, and vampires are the dominant races, it deviates from realistic storytelling tropes. “The Originals” might not be appropriate for viewers who are easily offended by violent or dark television. The show regularly goes into dramatic and graphic depictions of conflict and explores a variety of themes, including power struggles, betrayal, and the effects of immortality. Additionally, some viewers could find the show’s frequent use of mystical and supernatural elements offensive.



The Anua HeartLeaf Quercetinol Pore Deep Cleansing Foam is a cleanser that is supposed to clear out impurities from pores, remove excess sebum, refresh and hydrate the skin, and provide a clean and healthy appearance. The Anua HeartLeaf Quercetinol Pore Deep Cleansing Foam cleanser is not recommended for sensitive and dry skin, which is the opposite of what the company promotes it as being for all skin types, which is false. Which is why I rate it 2 stars because after using this cleanser for a while, my skin started to get really dry, which is the opposite effect of what it’s supposed to do, which is to provide hydration to the skin enough to provide a refreshing sensation to the skin. Also, after using this cleanser for a few days, I developed some white, flaky lines around my nose, which is where I would mostly apply the product. And after removing said flaky lines, I would develop a rash, so I decided to discontinue the product from my skincare routine, and the flaky lines would disappear, which helped my skin overall. 

The bottle itself has a really nice color and texture, and it contains 150 mL (5.07 fl.oz) of the product for $13.00, not including shipping, which is relatively a good price. The advertisement of this product did not mention if it had any smell, which it does contain; it’s a very weird cucumber smell that is not very pleasant, which surprised me at first when opening it for the first time. The texture of the product itself is very chunky, and it’s especially felt when applying the product to the face; it feels like seeds rubbing into your face. After rinsing, it does provide a sense of hydration and refreshment, with a feeling of nice, smooth skin, but after some minutes, the face becomes very dry and slightly stiff. 

I purchased this product on Amazon, and the shipment took about 2 weeks to arrive. But you can also buy this product on their website, which is, where you can also find all kinds of products. One product I do recommend buying instead of this cleanser is one of the same brand, which is the Anua HeartLeaf Pore Control Cleansing Oil. It’s a bit more expensive than the Anua HeartLeaf Quercetinol Pore Deep Cleansing Foam, costing $17.69, not including shipping at Amazon, but is way better than the Anua HeartLeaf Quercetinol Pore Deep Cleansing Foam for dry and sensitive skin. Additionally, for $4.69, it contains 200 mL (6.76 fl. oz.) of product and has a more aesthetically pleasing design. The best part is that it provides the same benefits that the Anua HeartLeaf Quercetinol Pore Deep Cleansing Foam is supposed to provide. 

Initially, I discovered this product on social media, but I first purchased the Anua HeartLeaf Pore Control Cleansing Oil, which I absolutely love and recommend. But then I got influenced into buying the Anua HeartLeaf Quercetinol Pore Deep Cleansing Foam as it was advertised that double cleansing was the “best” way to achieve clear skin, and even on the Amazon advertisement for the Anua Cleansing Oil it recommended using it in pairs with the Anua HeartLeaf Quercetinol Pore Deep Cleansing Foam, which was a grave mistake because in my case for my skin it did not work, but luckily it did not escalate to a breakout or anything more dangerous for my skin. So I do not recommend the Anua HeartLeaf Quercetinol Pore Deep Cleansing Foam for people who have dry and sensitive skin because it completely dries the skin, which puts you at risk of developing a rash. That is why I recommend the Anua Cleansing Oil instead.


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