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Students use phones to take notes
Angeline Collado, Editor-In-Chief • April 8, 2024

From shoe racks to charging stations, teachers have long since been making efforts to keep phones out of students' hands. After all, the place of cellphones in schools, particularly...

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Curtis Conflicted by Snow Day
Fareeda Empapy, Writer • April 5, 2024

Mayor Eric Adams had finally permitted the first snow day on February 13th of this year, since entering office in 2022, and despite previous planning, the response it had...

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Hall sweeps reinstated after Covid pause
Diana Valentino, Writer • April 2, 2024

Hall sweeps started up again around the middle of December. Deans, administrators, and school aids search around the school’s corridors to find any loose students and bring...

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Pep Band Returns
Adrienne Daluwattage, Writer • April 9, 2024

Pep Band, the school’s newest marching band, was brought back after at least 10 years without it. Mr. Smith, the teacher of Pep Band and our other bands, has brought it...

Mr. Gonzalez, Malachi Phidd, David Serrano, Intell Downing, Vincent Cialino, Andrell Cerisier, Geoffrey Matthias, Samuel DeJesus, Jaiden McKenzie, Mr Neglia
Boys Volleyball Tournament
February 15, 2024
Homecoming draws hundreds
Homecoming draws hundreds
December 13, 2023
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