Dance Company Presents Original Work


Dance students portray their talents in a night of colorful performance and expression

The Curtis Dance Show is a presentation of the many dances from multiple members of Dance Company, IB Dance and Composition, and Theatre Dance. The show was held on Thursday April 27th during the school day, Friday April 28th, and on Saturday April 29th for the rest of the Curtis community. 

The show started with an extremely thought-provoking piece, “Layers” that Curtis Dance Company made with the Battery Dance Company, choreographed by Sarah Housepian. These dancers used an abstract style of dance to communicate the different aspects of an individual through their different ‘layers’, or as worded in the show, “the journey and discovery of unveiling their true self-portrait.”.      In addition to this collaboration, many of the other numbers were the work of IB Composition dancers, such as the electric “It’s Britney Blank” by Olivia Schneider, “Infatuation” by Kayleigh Surat, “Tones of Sorrow” by Eliot Caban, “I Need Me” by Ella Jorin, “No Church In The Wild” by Amil Sheppard, “Reminiscence” by Mercy Jgin, “Misplaced Devotion” by Fiona Accordino, “Fever Rising “ by Sydney Hagans, and “Alone In A Crowded Room” by Annabel Cepeda. The IB dance class requires students to present a piece of original choreography they created with a message behind them. Two Theatre Dance classes performed their year’s work; Ms. Napolitano’s 6th period “Proud Mary”, a tap piece dedicated to the iconic performer Tina Turner, and 9th period’s “Some Like It Hot”, which was based off of the 1959 film and new Broadway show. 

Each piece held a significant message that was shared with the audience before each number. These messages ranged from paying homage to a famous performer, a loved one, or an opportunity to express deep emotions through dance. The entire show was an impressive crowd-pleasing performance, with the dancers that gave it their all, with a total of 22 numbers across both nights.