Sports off season

At this point of the school year Curtis High School sports teams are finishing their spring season, the last season of the school year. As these seasons come and go, it introduces the question: what do athletes do when their sports are not in season? 

One student athlete that understands the importance of off season workouts, Isabella Irizarry, was able to sit down with us and answer some questions : 

Q- What sport do you play? During which season?

A- “During the school year I play varsity softball; in the second half or spring semester of the year.”

Q- Do you play any other sport?

A- “ I did just start bowling in the fall for Curtis, but it is not my prominent sport; just something my friends thought we would try.”

Q- What do you do to stay in shape during your off-seasons?

A- “So, when I am not playing high school softball I do play travel softball; which is basically another team where we play in a league known as fast-pitch.”

Q- How much do you feel extra practice impacts your place on the team?

A- “Many people have different perspectives on practice, however I believe it has helped me so much. Since I am a freshman on the varsity team, I can only say that I am at this level because of practice. Every time I practice I am getting better and developing my skills to play the best game I can possibly play. So yes, I believe practice is what has made me a better athlete and player of the game I love.”

Q- Do you recommend playing more than one sport per year?

A- “In this case, it all depends on your character and how you are as a person. As for myself and many others, being a student athlete is never easy. So I would say to not start playing more than one sport a year but to find something you love and get better at while also having time to do school work and other things during the day.”