Underwater Robot Competition

Curtis received the second place award.

ROTC and Robotics team join forces for an aquatic event of skill and grit 

After weeks of preparation, from February to March, Curtis High School’s Robotics Team and several ROTC students arrived in New Jersey, at Neptune High School where their competition  would take place.  Several aquatic robots designed by clubs and teams across New York and New Jersey would be pitted against each other in a race for the best time, design, and execution. 

The Robotics Club had to prepare in a multitude of ways for a chance to win.  There were multiple categories and courses. Working in collaboration with one ROTC class, two robots were designed with these aquatic conditions in mind. Upon arrival, the robots were inspected and subsequently unleashed upon the courses. One course was full of obstacles and had several  loops, and the other had stations that required the robots to do different tasks. The Robotics Team spent hours waiting for their turn, but didn’t waste this time, instead used to perfect their robot.  Mr. David Scheffler headed the teams working on the challenges, deciding what changes, however last minute, needed to be made. When it was their turn, two drivers switching on and off for control of one of the two  robots.  The robots had to complete the courses and gain points based on time and efficiency. 

When it was the Curtis team’s turn everything was ready.  The robots were working perfectly, the only thing left was how well the drivers preformed. In the end, Curtis was awarded Second Place for the Pool Challenge with a score of 95 earning  one of the best scores and times for that part of the course.