Guidance department suite opens


Angeline Collado

The counseling team has long been an essential part of Curtis, utilized by thousands of students on the path to success, promoting excellence and progress for years. As of 2023, the new counselor suite is being used to do that and more. 

The idea of gathering the guidance team in one area had been an idea in the making for the  last two years, recently wrapping up construction of the new space as of the fall semester. “I believe it’s been an idea for two to three years at this point,” said Ms. Duberstein, just one of the eight counselors located in the suite, when asked about the relocation effort. “I love it – I think the kids really like having space to talk to their counselors. We have one central location, so the students can find us. Not only that, but the staff and the parents know where most of us are now. Upperclass students can tell new students where to find us. Also, we’re accessible – it’s all about accessibility.” 

In the past, counselors’ offices were spread throughout the school. This new accessible area  creates a central location to find almost all the counselors, with a secretary handling the logistics, it is a smoother experience for everyone. 

Already students are rolling into the new suite with feelings of relief. “I don’t have to run all over the place to find my counselors. It also smells really good in there, actually,” said one contented student.