Students in art classes expand their experience

Atticus Tacopino

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Curtis High School’s visual and performing arts classes have been given opportunities to go on field trips to art museums and Roundabout Theatre workshops.

Visual Art teacher, Ms. Erck recently brought TOK students on a trip to the Whitney Museum of American Art with Mr. Williams. They are currently displaying the “Andy Warhol- From A To B and back again” exhibit that showcases Warhol’s lifetime work and cultural influence.

I received an opportunity to view the exhibit myself this past weekend. The variety of retrospective pieces capture an era of art history that still resonates with people today. For art students these opportunities play a significant role in developing their own artistic style and knowledge of art.

Senior Jasmine Tarley described these trips stating, “I had never been to an art museum until I took a class trip my sophomore year and ever since, art museums have been integral to me when it comes to finding inspiration. Seeing art that inspires me, in-person, puts my ideation into something physical that makes me want to work on my own pieces.”

In October, I accompanied Erck’s IB art students on a trip to the Museum of Modern Art.

The highlight of this trip was the “Charles White- A Retrospective” exhibit, compiled of powerful figures of color.  My favorite part of the Charles White exhibit was his clear theme of showcasing the transforming African American experience between the Civil War and Civil Rights movement and the range of materials he used from linoleum cuts, charcoal drawings, paintings, etc.

Due to Curtis’ relationship with Roundabout Theatre, Mr. Profilio’s stage crew classes were invited to attend workshops at the theatre. These workshops specialize in different aspects of stage crew; lighting, set design, sound, makeup, costume, etc. Working on the scene, Roundabout gives students a crucial insight on play production.

“I really think it’s a great opportunity for the students to work alongside professional theatre workers in their own space. They get to see what really goes on behind the scenes of a play,” Profilio commented.

In the Spring there will be more trips to Roundabout for students to attend three plays; True West, Merrily We Go Along, and Kiss me, Kate! As for the visual art students, Ms. Erck’s painting class will be taking a trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in the upcoming weeks.



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