Numbers take center stage at math night

Atticus Tacopino, Staff Writer

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Each year math night is hosted by the math department to show students and their families how fun math can be. On Thursday, May 11th math night was held in the cafeteria. Attendees were invited to come and indulge in a variety of games. A massive amount of students and children were in attendance due to the hard work of math teachers and student volunteers. “I like to volunteer and anticipated it would be a fun event,” said student volunteer Winner Evu. It was definitely a unique way to learn about math.  The event included several games where you could win “math dollars” which you could use to purchase things such as brownies, cookies, and an originally-designed math t-shirt.

The event housed traditional and original games such as math taboo and probability pit. Those in attendance also liked the traditional games, specifically connect four and twister.

“It’s important to show kids how math is used in real life and to give kids a fun experience with math,” said math teacher Ms. Antosz. The event was definitely a success, gaining the entire school’s attention and highlighting the best parts of math.

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