Giving Back is In Our Blood

On February 14th, Curtis held its third blood drive of the school year. Every year, students and staff roll up their sleeves and donate a pint of blood to those in hospitals and across America who are in need of blood transfusions from illnesses, surgeries, natural disasters, and much more. Curtis sets a goal of getting at least 70 pints of blood during each drive, and this time they exceeded that goal by collecting  78 pints, which is 10 more than the last blood drive. When asked why she decided to donate, junior Charlotte Togba said, “It felt like it was a good thing to do, especially since some of the nurses said there was a blood shortage. I know blood donations go a long way, so being able to help out another person or even multiple people was part of the reason I donated.” Similar to Charlotte, many students and staff donated blood for the first time, but there were also numerous staff members that the nursing department would like to honor for their constant support in donations, such as Mr. Davis, Mr.Torta, Mr.Cogan, and Mr.Crowdell.