How Do You Spell “Fantastic”?

Actors bring their characters to life in the latest school play.

Casi Knorr, Editor

The production of “The Spelling Bee” took place the weekend of January 11 with three marvelous shows.   All of the good things you’ve been hearing about it are entirely correct. I attended the dress rehearsal the day before opening night to do my review because that way I got to see both a pretty polished run through of the musical, plus all the little things in production of it, which, I think, is the foundation of any production.

The nerves and the excitement of the cast, the small panic to get everything together, reflects the care that each member took in completing the details of the production. It was obvious that they put their heart into making it great.

The real magic, however, is when the play started. The concept is simple, just the progression of a spelling bee, so the ensemble work and the personalities of the cast were key. The stage and the costumes were all bright and eye catching, you didn’t know where to look first. To my surprise they included audience participation where they called people out of their seats to go up there and spell out words with the actors. The awkward and bumbling guests, including yours truly, had little clue of what to do with themselves. It was absolutely hilarious. The entire performance was so cute and captivating. Each character was unique, quirky, and played perfectly and you fell in love with each and every one of them.   I’m not the only one who thinks so. Students and teachers absolutely loved it, many bringing their families to see  it.

Outstanding, and I’m sure everyone who has seen it has high expectations for the next production.