What’s everyone doing for Thanksgiving?

Mia Bailey, Writer

It’s here! One of our favorite times of the year, one filled with gratitude and family along with a sense of home: Thanksgiving! While the grocery store lines are outrageous and everyone fights for the last turkey, that’s not what thanksgiving is exactly about really? Some of our peers have similar ideas on what they’re planning but others have different ideas. Here at Curtis, a variety of teenagers and adults from completely different backgrounds came to me to explain to you readers what plans they have for break. 


Taiwo Adeoso (Senior): “My aunt called and said she’s coming on Wednesday, we’re probably just going to hangout since we haven’t gotten a turkey yet.”


Natalia Bazan Neri (Sophomore): “We were planning for my family to come over and cook tamales or buy pasta.” 


Mr. Barranca: “I’ll be having dinner with my in-laws on my wife’s side. I’ll be doing some of the cooking, but not all of it.”


Anonymous (Senior): “We’re having breakfast with one of my mom’s friends since she’s new to the country, to make her feel at home and surrounded by her native culture. We’re going to go to Church too.”


Ms. Rokicki: “I’m going to my aunt’s house, haven’t seen her in a while. I got my COVID test yesterday, so I’m all good to go.”

According to AS latest news, the most popular food on thanksgiving is most definitely the turkey! Some popular side dishes to include are, mashed potatoes (78 percent), stuffing or dressing (77 percent), and bread and rolls (74 percent). However most of your peers at curtis high school don’t eat your traditional thanksgiving meals. 

According to Alexia Lalin 9th grade, she enjoys “baked mac, fried chicken, turkey, baked ziti, rice, rice and beans, sweet potato pie, everything.”