The Return of Clubs To Curtis (Ft. New Clubs!)

Leianni Byrd, Writer

     With all the chaos caused by the pandemic, Curtis struggled to keep up with our beloved clubs. Covid-19 often got in the way of the students truly enjoying their time. With students split between blended learning and remote learning, it was nearly impossible for clubs to operate in a way that was fair to all students. With that being said, the clubs that did carry on had no other option than to be hosted through a computer screen. Although it was something, many students were saddened by the fact that they couldn’t take part in person. However, with a full return to school, all clubs are back on, with the addition of some new ones! 

     This return has been great so far as Curtis just finished throwing it’s annual Club Rush, where students were able to sign up for new clubs. If they signed up for five they were greeted with a sweet treat! On the topic of new clubs, some that have been added to the list include: Knitting/Crochet Club, Theory of Knowledge (TOK)  Club, Intersectional-Feminism Club, Newcomers Club, etc. Although self explanatory, the Knitting/Crochet Club is a fun and new way to pick up  new skills or learn the tips and tricks behind knitting/crocheting as a beginner. TOK Club,  formed by TOK students and TOK teacher, Mr. Williams, themselves, allows for those interested in learning about topics surrounding theory of knowledge or philosophy to do so, even if they do not take the TOK class. It allows them to be expressive and brainstorm ideas in support of the topics addressed. Newcomers Club provides a way for freshman students to become comfortable as Warriors and in their new home.

     The Intersectional-Feminism Club is another club that was introduced  this year. The founders, Ellis-Percy Mitchell and Ashfia Islam are very proud to announce the creation of their new club where they hope to create an open and welcoming environment for all. Ellis shared “a usual club meeting has a seminar-style discussion about something of social justice, where everyone is welcome to share what they’re comfortable with. Every other week, we have an activity that is more sensory-based, like an arts and crafts activity. Starting a club has been super exciting! It feels really rewarding to work with the co-founder of the club, Ashfia, on something that we’re both really passionate about.”

     It’s clear that this year is only the beginning for Curtis clubs. Make sure to check out all the new clubs if you’re interested in joining; spots fill up quickly!