From Skinny Jeans to Sweatpants: Fashion Trends during COVID


Hoda Amaach, Writer

     Coronavirus has influenced a lot of things, our fashion being one. Before Covid, most people dressed up everyday to go to school. But while I was stuck at home during quarantine, I found myself wearing casual and comfortable clothing everyday instead. Walking through the hallways, you’ll notice most people wearing leggings, and other laid back clothes most of the time. There is a noticeable difference in the types of shoes people wear compared to pre-Covid. Many new shoes have been popularized, particularly slides. I’ve seen a number of people walking around in Yeezy slides. Covid also gave people an opportunity to explore new styles, and new trends.

     Social media such as TikTok were definitely at their peaks during quarantine. I can’t count the number of fashion trends that started during quarantine, especially with hair. While walking through school, I’ve noticed how many people have dyed and styled hair compared to previous years. People have explored new hair colors, and played with new styles. 

     I asked a few Curtis students what inspired them to change their hair during quarantine:

     Arijeta Dreshaj, senior, says “I dyed my hair during quarantine and explored new hair styles to express myself.”

     Samantha Pedersen, a senior, says “I felt like I had a lot of time alone to experiment with different styles and see what I truly liked.”

     Covid has also featured an entirely new piece of clothing in fashion: masks. Since masks were introduced to keep everyone safe, companies have released a huge variety of different masks with both a fashionable and practical uses. I tend to go for a casual paper mask, but when I dress up I go for a mask to match my outfit. Annalia Rivera, a senior, said “I think that masks have added to fashion in some ways. I’ve seen people wearing those bedazzled masks that have no actual use other than it looks good.”