Curtis Closet

Nadia Chin

As prom season arrives for seniors, the journey to finding the perfect dress or suit and tie can become a challenge for students. Luckily, Curtis provides students with outfits and accessories through the Curtis Closet for FREE! This year marks the second year of its installation, run by Ms. Aversa and Ms. Urso along with student volunteers.

  Dresses and suits of all sizes and styles were donated by teachers and families of the Curtis community. Students have the option to choose and try on as many pieces as they like and eventually take with them.

  This opportunity provides more than a monetary value to those involved. ‘’It can boost someone’s self confidence,’’ said volunteer Zoe Ploog. Having the courage to attend events like the Curtis Closet takes a lot for many to build up. It also provides the opportunity for others to give and understand that items they might not have a desire for after some time, can benefit others who need. ‘’A lot of clothes go to waste and people don’t realize that it can go to others who can’t afford prom dresses,’’ continued Ploog.

  The Curtis Closet also represents the Curtis community as a whole, allowing people to know that there are people who are aware of their needs and will lend a helping hand when necessary. ‘’It promotes Curtis community and everyone helps each other by sharing with one another, said Ms. Urso.

 In the end, Curtis Closet was a successful opportunity for both volunteers and students who were able to have the option to prepare for prom without hardships. As years go one, it is expected that more students find the closet more accessible to them, as well as those who choose to donate.