Senior trip was better than expected

Aysa Hyppolite

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One of the most anticipated senior events is the senior trip.  In recent years attendance has declined.  This year less than  40 students attended. Many students had the preconception that the senior trip would be “wack” and that being at the Pine Ridge Dude Ranch would be a waste of money. However, the senior trip was a lot of fun.

From the moment the seniors got there they were doing something;  playing video games in their room, horseback riding, letting loose at the club, or running through the woods playing paintball. According to Michael Bruno, his favorite part about the trip was getting bit by a horse.

Paintballing was the obvious favorite. There was a large group of players from different schools. There were about three rounds of Protect the Flag, each one more difficult than the one before. After the games, not one person was without paint. After the games, one of the seniors, Starr Bond, had paint in her hair, on her jumpsuit, and some of the paint even got in her mouth.

Between activities, seniors spent their downtime dancing in the hotel hallways or getting snacks from the snack bar. Many seniors made some unexpected friends, some were students from the other schools that attended too. Most of the seniors agreed that it would’ve been better if more students from Curtis came. But in the end, there were no regrets and the seniors’ weekend getaway was filled with nothing but laughs and good vibes.

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