My religious journey to Mecca

A first hand account of a pilgrimage to Mecca.

Hashir Raja

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My family and I made Pilgrimage to Mecca and Medina during the week of November 16 to 24. As a Muslim, it is a dream to be able to go on a pilgrimage at least once in a lifetime. I am lucky enough to be able to do it at such a young age. The trip, which involves over 13 hours on airplanes, is very expensive. It was a big blessing for me to go to those holy places. The main point to go on a pilgrimage is to get rid of your sins and your wrongdoings.

It was a dreadful 13-hour flight to Medina. We stayed in Medina for a few days and later it was a 4-hour drive to Mecca. The traveling was very frustrating but it was worth it in the end.

Mecca and Medina are two different places of worship. Mecca is where the Holy Kaaba is. It is known as the house of Allah (God). Medina is where the Prophet Mohammed was buried with his closest companions. In Medina we mostly prayed to cleanse our sins. Medina was really beautiful. Sights that I only saw in pictures were right in front of me.

After Medina we traveled to Mecca. In Mecca, we did a pilgrimage around the Kaaba. Mecca was just prepossessing. The only problem was that it was really crowded and I had to be really careful not to get lost.

Like all trips, it had to come to an end. I had an amazing time and I felt that it was astonishing how millions of people came to one place for the same purpose. I felt moved by the religious dedication of so many people from so many different cultures.

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