Frugal fashion

It isn’t too much to ask for a decent outfit, espcially with these prices.

David Garvin, Staff Writer

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You’re tight on money and your think your wardrobe will just stay boring and dull well here are three things for a dollar that will upgrade and refresh your outfits.


A simply plain shoelace you can buy on Amazon or eBay for one dollar can totally change the look of your shoe you can get it in all sorts of colors and patterns. It also multi purposeful and can act as a belt for a unique look.  All black sneakers or shoes are a great contrast for flashier laces.


You can find used rings for under a dollar on ebay and most thrift shops.This really add depths to your outfits and gives you a little bling. When selecting a ring don’t worry about what it is made of just go for style. Even plain rings can add to an outfit, especially if you do not usually wear jewelry. Try to select a ring simple, it will make it look higher quality even if it isn’t.

Permanent marker

The next item under a dollar is surprisingly a permanent marker, this more than any of the other items can change your wardrobe. Most permanent markers work on almost every clothing surface and can transform an average pair of jeans. With a marker there  endless possibilities of designs you can draw words, scribbles, patterns drawing, and you can even use stencils if you’re not the best artists.

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