Health Expo keeps students informed

Alaina Hinkley, Editor

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The Health Expo was hosted by Curtis to promote healthy lifestyles and connect students with outside health resources. Held on Friday, April 31, the event was the IB CAS project of seniors Emma Delgado, Alaina Hinkley, Obinna Nwosu, and Michael Kisto. They coordinated with Ms. Rodrigues, who was able to obtain a grant from a program that was connected to the Mayor’s office.

At the event many clubs made presentations. Key Club, Student Organization, Pride Club, and Cancer Awareness Club were involved in the expo. The school hosted outside organizations like the FDNY, Trader Joe’s, Vitamin Shoppe, and the PRIDE Center. Trader Joe’s brought free samples of healthy foods and drinks for the participants.

Students were able to participate in various activities in order to win “Health Bucks” that could be redeemed for shirts and food. One of the activities was a graffiti wall where participants were asked to write what they do to stay healthy and recall interesting facts about diseases.

“The health carnival had several activities that many of the people that attended did enjoy. I personally thought it was successful in the sense that many people were exposed to different communities and organizations that support being healthy,” said senior Omar Gabr.

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