Hitting the gym

Pokemon Go game was a huge craze this summer.

Heather Rahn

Fans of the beloved Pokemon series had something to look forward to over the summer with the release of the mobile game “Pokemon Go.” The game released in North America on July 6th, finally gave dedicated fans and new players the chance to be a real life Pokemon trainer.

The premise is simple, use a phone to track Pokemon that can be found in locations in the real world. Using the phone’s camera in “AR” (augmented reality) mode, players can see the Pokemon in their real surroundings. Pokemon can be found on the street, in parks, and even in private residence.

Students had fun playing it over the summer, but over time, the novelty and excitement seems to have worn off. Technical glitches and a lack of new content to incentivize players to come back have made gamers put down the controller.

“It was fun when I had nothing to do over the summer, but it’s gotten boring. They haven’t added anything new, like legendary Pokemon,” said junior Brandon Dilluvio. “I was really happy I got a Lapras when I was playing, but I never got to catch a Magmar.”

Even teachers joined in on the craze. “It was a fun way to spend time with my daughter. I liked the challenge of trying to collect every Pokemon,” said math teacher Ms. Urban-Rahn. “Cubone is my favorite because he looks sad.”

While short-lived, Pokemon Go was a huge part of the summer for people all across the world. Even though it’s popularity is in decline, it was a truly unforgettable phenomena that provided countless hours of enjoyment for fans.