Back to school essentials

Alyssa Orcuillo, Editor

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We all have certain things we never leave the house without; especially when we go to school. These items are the latest necessities.


Although students have limited use of electronics in school, students are constantly on their phones. As we all know, the iPhone battery does not last forever, so a portable charger that can be charged at home and used at school as a backup plan is very useful. Also, students can sneak this into their book bags without a wire showing from the wall.

With hundreds of students   possessing a chromebook, a charger for the little laptop is very helpful just in case you  forget to charge your chromebook the night before and are required to use it in class.

Headphones are necessary for students who take public transportation, whether it’s to school, from school, or both. They help keep you occupied and even bring peace to a long, stressful day.


For students who look forward to supporting their school ,Curtis apparel is a must. This apparel is kept in a backpack or duffel bag to change into after school.

     When October rolls around, dressing to match the weather can be extremely difficult. Often times, it is freezing in the morning and it warmed up at least 10 degrees. Many students bring sweatshirts to school to keep warm in the morning and later on in the day, they keep them in their bags in order to have a convenient solution to unpredictable weather. Not only is the weather outside unpredictable, but the temperatures inside the building are too. Some classrooms are very warm, while others are very cold, a sweatshirt is definitely needed for those brisk classrooms.


For students that take public transportation, it can be difficult to predict when the train or bus is on the way. However, many students use apps such as the NYC MTA bus tracker that gives them a way of knowing what time the bus will be arriving or how far it is from their stop.

The Pupilpath app is a lifesaver when students are unsure when homework is due or want to check how they did on an exam. The app is easily pulled up on a smartphone and can even give you notifications.

Snapchat is one of the most popular apps for students. They can take quick pictures or  videos and send them to their friends (no more than 10 seconds). This is a fun way to communicate without texting or talking on the phone.

Listening to music is great when you are by yourself, especially commuting to school. Students love to make their own playlists and listen to various stations on Spotify. Students can even listen to other people’s playlists.

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