Apple giveaway, was the highlight of food day

Curtis hosts Big Apple Crunch day for the first time; distributing apples in the cafeteria. zzzz


Sophomore,Zebin Guo enjoying an apple at Big Apple Crunch Day.

Lunch became much more apple-tizing on October 24, when apples were distributed to students in every lunch period. In celebration of Food Day, the Health Center had boxes of apples that were quickly snatched up by hungry students.

In 2012 in New York City, The Big Apple Crunch began with approximately 400,000 New Yorkers biting into  New York State grown apples around the same time during Food Day. This year, Curtis joined the initiative.  The health center took charge of the apple giveaway.

Although promoting healthy eating was the goal, many participants went for the taste. Some may say eating healthy is boring and bland, but Magdalena Pyrczak, sophomore, said, “the apples were good and nutritious.”

On apple-shaped papers, apple facts were written and selfies were taken with both the real and paper apples. Participants hashtagged their selfies to #bigapplecrunch or tagged the Curtis High School Health Center Twitter account @CurtisHealthCTR. Close to 400 photos were posted to Big Apple Crunch’s Instagram and even the Curtis High School Health Center Twitter account has a few pictures posted.

Tania Rajpersaud, a junior at Curtis High School, said, “I have braces so I couldn’t even eat the apples but it was a nice idea that got my attention.”

Not wanting to miss an opportunity to inform students about the resources that the health center has available, Tiffany Watson, counselor at Curtis High School, passed out flyers about bullying along with the free apples.