Review of IGOR by Tyler, the Creator

It’s been two years since Tyler, the Creator has released an album, and this month fans rose with excitement when the announcement of IGOR hit social media.

 His last release, Flower Boy, influenced the now turning point in the rapper’s career. With the introduction of new sounds, imagery and meanings behind his music and personal life, Tyler, the Creator has changed the expectations of his audience, leaving them to question his motives.

 IGOR is a project that separates itself from others that have been released in the last few years. It was written, arranged and produced by Tyler himself, something not many artists can say they have under their belt, though this isn’t much of a surprise to Tyler fans as he’s produced most of his work thus far. With this level of control over his music, he uses this as an opportunity to guarantee that he gets his message across, even if it is only through beats and instrumentals.

 The album is about 40 minutes long, with 12 tracks and no direct genre. There are sounds of the 60s and 70s, giving soul and jazz vibes. There are still many aspects of rap in the midst of the different sounds. It includes features from artists like Charlie Wilson, Pharrell and Solange, and to contrast, Kanye West, Lil Uzi Vert and Playboi Carti.

 The one aspect of this album that has drawn so many people in is the story being told as the tracks proceed. Each song describes a point in a love story with a not so perfect ending. It explores Tyler’s journey in finding love and soon having to accept that the relationship and partner he dreams of, has failed him. From ‘’EARFQUAKE,’’ a catchy ballad about falling in love with a person and all of the many emotions you feel, to ‘’ARE WE STILL FRIENDS?,’’ a track that emphasizes the idea of giving up and accepting where you stand with a person. Tyler has successfully let fans into a piece of his life while keeping them entertained. The album is relatable, which allows for those who listen to feel the emotions given off by each song.  

 The amount of positive feedback received by the album has earned Tyler his first #1 album of his career. IGOR gained 122.9 million song streams, and 165,000 album units. The rapper responded with a simple tweet, ‘’IGOR, NUMBER UNO, STANK YOU.’’ This has beaten Flower Boy’s standing by only a small amount, though it marks a true milestone for Tyler, the Creator. In the future, fans hope to see this album score their favorite artist a Grammy and other award nominations. As for those who have yet to listen, IGOR is definitely worth the discovery of new sounds.