New Dine-In Theater in SI Mall

Atticus Tacopino

The Staten Island mall recently opened an AMC Dine-In theater located in a new wing of the mall. This theater is the first of its kind for Staten Island and has gained a lot of attention within the community. The mall has been implementing a lot of expansion in the past year, with numerous new stores and restaurants such as Shake Shack, Chipotle, Barnes and Noble, Lidl, Kung Fu Tea, and more.

    In light of these additions, the number of visitors of the Staten Island Mall has increased immensely and the same pattern follows with this new dine-in theater. Many Staten Islanders, especially families, are now utilizing these new places of entertainment.

    I visited the AMC theater myself this past week and found that it provides an enjoyable and comfortable experience. When you enter the theater you can easily purchase tickets at touchscreen booths or with a cashier, although I would recommend purchasing tickets online ahead of time due to the large crowds who have been visiting the theater.

After you have your tickets you may take an escalator upstairs where you can purchase food. Among your generic movie theater treats you can also order a meal that will be brought to your seat. They offer a variety of dine-in meals ranging from appetizer snacks, burgers, desserts, etc. But these foodstuffs tend to be pricey depending on your choices, meals could be twenty dollars or more while smaller items are more affordable.

As for the movie, the quality of sound and image was extraordinary. The movie screen spans across the entire wall to give you an amazing high definition picture. And similar to the Atrium theater in Eltingville, the seats have the ability to be reclined and adjusted to your liking to give a comfortable movie experience.

A fellow moviegoer described his experience stating, “The quality of the food and movie itself was exceptional, overall it was a pleasant experience” Staten Island Resident, John Pessolano.

Although many people are eager to experience the new theater, they do offer minimal flexibility for their movie times with some having only two showings per day. But if you get a chance I would recommend visiting the theater if you are interested in a delectable movie experience.