Vending machines go high tech

Jocelyn Quinones, Editor

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Johnnan Monzon Jr. using new vending machine scanner.

Johnnan Monzon Jr. using new vending machine scanner.

This year  K & D Vending added a credit card feature to one of the vending machines outside the auditorium. Students have both negative and positive comments about the new method of payment. “It is a cool extension but I had to keep swiping in order for it to work,”  said senior, Marielys Espinal, who used her credit card to pay instead of paying with cash. Meggan Munroe, a junior, thinks paying with her credit card is risky. “ I don’t trust it. The vending machine took money from me before and when I clicked the button to give me my money back in quarters, it didn’t. If the vending machine messed that up, I wouldn’t want to use my credit card,” said Munroe.

Not only can you pay with your credit card, but you can pay with your iPhone. Apple Pay, a mobile payment feature, is available along with the option to use a credit card or traditional cash payment. To use Apple Pay, you must add a credit or debit card to your “Wallet.” Magdalena Pyrczak, junior at Curtis High School, gives a neutral comment on the new vending machine feature, “I rarely use the vending machine so it doesn’t concern me. Even if I did use the vending machine, I wouldn’t be able to because I don’t have an iPhone.” Others think Apple Pay is useful not only for students, but for teachers. “It’s good for them because they survive off of their credit cards. They might not have singles so it’s convenient, especially for them,” says junior, Lauren Shavzin.

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