New image pays off for K-Pop Club

Jaime Satchell, Editor

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Korean pop, or K-pop is more popular in America than ever, and Curtis High School is no exception, and starting this year there is a club for its fans. Korean pop stars draw a lot of inspiration from the West. With styles ranging from rap to soul, everyone can find K-pop music that they enjoy.

The club was originally founded as the Asian Cultural Dance Club in 2013 where interested students would listen to and learn the dances for pop songs from different Asian nations. This year it has been renamed the K-pop club, and the re-imaging has paid off. Far more students have been coming to the club because they know exactly what it is about. Now they meet in the cafeteria where captain Suja Gopalakrishna teaches them the dances with club alumni.  The club has about 25-30 members both boys and girls have come out to learn the dances. “Curtis students actually support us even though some of us are having a difficult time with the moves,” stated Gopalakrishna as the club prepares to participate in the upcoming Multi-Cultural Festival where they will perform one of their dances.

The K-pop club works hard every Friday when they meet in the cafeteria to practice and have fun dancing and singing their favorite songs.

kpop club- credit jaime satchell

The K-Pop club.

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