Frozen yogurt that beat the heat

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Summer is almost here and its about time to break out the sun screen, beach balls, and swimsuits, but the highlight of the season are the frozen treats. Two highly popular frozen delicacies are ice cream and frozen yogurt. Many people can’t decide which to choose, but in my opinion frozen yogurt is the way to go. Frozen yogurt has become very popular in the recent years because of  its reputation for being healthier than ice cream.

         If you’re planning to go on a healthy diet and yet still have something for dessert, frozen yogurt is the best choice. One of the best places on the island for frozen yogurt is NYogurt. NYogurt is located in 2228 Hylan Blvd, Staten Island, NY. I visit NYogurt with my friends almost every weekend in the summer time. The shop allows you to pick any flavor and toppings you want to build your own sundae. I can have three different flavors and as many toppings as I want all in a fair low price. I always get strawberry and banana yogurt, which I think is absolutely the best. The red velvet is great too.

       If I’m shopping in the mall and craving for some frozen yogurt, I go to Red Mango. Red Mango allows you to choose from variety of flavors and toppings as well. Once you’ve tasted yogurt from Red Mango, you’ll never look back at ice cream again. If you’re a lover for ice cream, a place that I would recommend would be Ralph’s Italian Ice’s. The store is located at 501 Port Richmond Ave Staten Island, NY. The place is great, and the best part is that it  serves both ice cream and yogurt. The staff there are friendly as well, and the prices are low. There are variety of flavors in the store, perfect place to hang out with your friends and family in the summer.

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