Curtis considers making robotics an elective

Nadia Chin, Staff Writer

The robotics club has grown significantly in the past few years. Run by Mr. Scheffler and with the support of Mr. Hepworth and Ms. Holzer, there’s hope that the club might become much bigger.

So far, over $20,000 has been invested into the program. Mr. Hepworth has collaborated with the Children’s Aid Society to help expand and improve robotics. Some other activities involving robotics were the ROTC’s sea perch project and the billion oyster project.

For the future, Scheffler and others involved in robotics are working to expand the club from a six week term to an entire year, and even a four year program. Ninth grade students would take part in lego robotics and move on from there.

More students have been joining robotics. The club started with only 10 students and now has about 30 members participating. Soon, these students will have the opportunity to compete in competitions like the VEX Competition. Curtis could possibly host their own robotics events as well.

If any students are interested in joining robotics, go to room B4 every Tuesday and Thursday after tenth period. Robotics classes are also offered to students to help earn credits.