New soccer coaches lead their teams to the playoffs

Boys and girls soccer teams play strong under new coaches.

Sydney Blugh, Staff Writer

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The Curtis girls varsity soccer team, yet again has a new coach. In the past three years the girls team has had three different coaches. The newest addition to the team is Mr. Ron Banks. Coach Banks previously coached the boys track team but has moved on to girls soccer. Sophia Manna, one of his players said, “Coach Banks is new to the team but he shows great dedication and heart on and off the field.”   Banks daughters play soccer and he has learned the game over the years watching his daughters play. It is a hard adjustment to have a new coach every year but the girls are pulling through with their 7-4 record putting them in third place on the island. The girls went to the second round of the playoffs too.  “ I was happy with the girls record this year and hope to improve next year,” said Coach Banks.

The Curtis boys soccer team also had a change in staff this year. After years of coaching Tombo Berete passed the baton on to Cadence Turner. She has taken on the responsibility of coaching a team for the first time ever. Daniel Angulo said, “it was kind of a shock at first because I’ve known Ms. Turner for most of my life but I came to realize as the season went on she has great leadership qualities and knows how to organize the team, so everyone’s skills are used.”

The boys placed second on the Island  behind Tottenville with a 12-2 record. For the first time in over eight years the boys made it to the quarter finals of the playoffs where they faced Martin Luther King Jr., the reigning champs.  They lost to them 4-1.

  Both the boys and girls success wouldn’t have been possible without the training from Anthony Blugh. His dedication to both teams have lead them to where they are now.

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