“Lucky Stiff” Preview

Greer Gerney

The Curtis Players’ Fall Musical “Lucky Stiff” can be described quite simply as a zany adventure. It follows the story of Harry Witherspoon (Gavin Matthais) and his recently deceased Uncle Anthony (Wayne Mack Jr.) as they experience all the wonders that Monte Carlo has to offer. Annabelle Glick (Tatiana Mrocezck), a determined young woman working for The Universal Dog Home of Brooklyn, also finds herself in Monte Carlo, tangled in the affairs of Mr. Witherspoon and his uncle. Rita LaPorta (Allenix Shepard) wants the six million dollars that Harry has been gifted and drags her brother, Vinnie DiRuzzio (Nasir Thompson), from Atlantic City, NJ to retrieve it from her dead lover. At some point along the way, Mr. Witherspoon and Uncle Anthony meet the beautiful Frenchwoman Dominique DuMonaco (Sophia Woods) and the quirky Italian, Luigi Gaudi (Abraham Lopes). As the cast leads the audience through their oddball tale, one can’t help but think that something funny must be going on… 

The show was cast at the end of September and since then, the group has been working hard to perfect their performance under the watchful eye of Curtis’ newest director, Mr. Frank Barranca. They debuted a small part of the show at the Curtis Open House for potential freshmen on November 12th to a roaring approval from the crowd. In just short of two weeks, the curtin will open on this bizarre bunch, so we caught up with some of the cast members to see how they’re feeling thus far into rehearsals. Sarah Laureno, a junior in the featured ensemble, said that she is particularly excited to be a part of this production because so few people know about it, “… so I am grateful to have the opportunity to share it with everyone!” Dominick Francois, a sophomore cast member with three background roles, says that the group has been putting all of their effort and skill into bringing the show to life. Sophia Woods and Tatiana Mrocezck, who play Dominique DuMonaco and Annabelle Glick respectively, both shared that they are thrilled to be working with such an amazing and unique cast, Tatiana going on to say, “Performing with such talented people is so rewarding! Come see the final product of all our hard work on December 13th, 14th, and 15th!” With all that suspense, who could resist?