17′ bridge is finally here

Cheyanne Richardson

The day we have all been waiting for since the year 2017: the bridge connecting the two buildings has finally opened, making traveling between both buildings less stressful. Before the bridge opened on March 6th, students had to go outside,  down two staircases, then climb up at least three, just to get onto the first floor of the old building. This was difficult for the students and staff that had to go back and forth between buildings.

       With this new bridge, students don’t have to go outside anymore to get to their classes and to the gymnasium. Sophomore Thania Hernandez said, “being in the IB program and having most of my classes in the new wing, the bridge is a big advantage to those of us that have back to back classes from the old wing to the new wing.” In order to get to the new building students have to go straight from the auditorium and go down a couple of steps, where there are a few unoccupied classrooms that will open soon. Student then turn right where the locker rooms  are located and follow the hallway to the new wing.

The bridge itself is a light filled windowed corridor that is already being used as a place to take great selfies.