St. George Pharmacy still remains standing

Zoe Ploog

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Even though the St. George Pharmacy burned down in late June, the aftermath of the fire is ongoing, still affected the St. George community. Now, months after the fire the pharmacy is still not rebuilt and the pharmacy is in a trailer parked outside of the original store  Stuyvesant Place. The pharmacy is still selling medication in the trailer and other common drugs store products are outside on a table. It is surprising that something as viable as a pharmacy has not been rebuilt since this is the only local pharmacy in the St. George area. Ronald Randazzo, who is one of the pharmacist at the local Good Neighbor Pharmacy described the tragedy. When asked if the pharmacy is planning on rebuilding, Randazzo said “Yes, we are still pending permits from the NYC, we are hopeful that we can be done in 90 days.” Now, that the pharmacy is packed in a trailer, Randazzo stated, “It has limited the amount of things we can provide over the counter because of space. We can not provide shampoo.” This is indeed true, a bald eye scan displays that normal drugstore brand items are not available. For example, most average pharmacies have basic cosmetic items, and based on a quick eye scan there were no EOS lip balms. Randazzo also commented on his sales by saying “Obviously, you lost all the things you can carry.”

Randazzo also had some pretty interesting facts that was not public knowledge from the news. He said, “ the city is procrastinating, I am disappointed that the undocumented drug addict set fire to the building with us in it, he had no regards to our life, he will be released this month and even though he is convicted, no one will tell ICE.” Hector, who is the convicted arson, will be released back into society and yet, the aftermath of his actions are still haunting the pharmacy. Hector has put the employer of the various business he burned down, out of work and many of the business have been forever effected. Randazzo said that roughly “95%” of his patients are still loyal. Surprising Randazzo was extremely positive for the approaching new year, he said “I am hopeful that 2019 will be great! I am grateful that our patients stayed with us! At 5:30 this happened, people were working. The Dunkin Donuts lady was in there, we were lucky no one died, all we lost was money.”


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