Curtis Night Live

Mr. Barranca and 16 of the student actors, directors, and filmmakers presented Curtis Night Live on the third, fourth, and fifth of February in room 407. It was the first time the  Black Box Theater was used.  Curtis had not done anything like this before. The format of the show was  multiple hilarious skits just like the show Saturday Night Live. Practice started for this huge opening in the beginning of November. The show debuted during the Winter Arts Festival where they acted out their famous skit, “Freshman Support Group” and “Hero and Villain” as a little sneak peak for what was to come. This was Mr. Barranca’s first time coming back to direct since “Lucky Stiff” which was performed in December of 2019. “It was one of the most satisfying feelings in my teaching career. To be able to come back from my time away and build something from scratch with the cast was amazing!” said Mr. Barranca. 

What was special about Curtis Night Live was that the cast had written all the skits themselves and had only some oversight from Mr. Barranca. He wanted to give the kids as much creative freedom as he could while still keeping it PG-13. Eliot Caban, a student actor who had performed in “Guys and Dolls” last year’s play said, “Although we weren’t perfect and inexperienced we still made the best of the performance and had as much fun as possible.” From the laughs of the crowd you can easily tell that the performance was a success especially on their last opening on Sunday. With having the largest audience and at the end of the performance the whole cast pied Mr. Barranca in the face; which was their funny little way of thanking him for being the best director they could ask for.