With retirement close Scro gets pied and pied and pied

Zoe Ploog, Staff Writer

At Curtis, there is a tradition that a teacher gets “pied” in their last days before retirement. Mr. Scro started the pieing tradition at Curtis over 15 years ago. When asked how many times he pied people, Mr. Scro replied: “I lost track, I’ve been pieing people for years, It is a lot of fun; it makes you feel like a little kid!” This tradition seems to be all fun and games, Mr. Scro replied: “If they are okay with it, then I will do it”. This policy allows only willing people to get pied.  Many teachers have been the target of Scro ’s banana creaming.

Recently, Mr. Russo, a retired teacher, has come back to cover Ms. Jackson’s physics classes while she was on maternity leave. Mr. Russo has indeed been pied, he said “I got dozens of pies. They did a pie for my sabbatical. When I retired there was a pie at the teacher’s conference. Mr. Curtis, the old principal pied me, also my kids and the Assistant Principals did it too.”

This year the tables are turned as  Mr. Scro is preparing for retirement after serving as a teacher for 20 years. He has reached his pieing milestone! The staff has pulled out all the stops and tried to pie Scro at every opportunity possible. Mr. Scro was recently pied during the 2017 Winter Arts Festival after his students performed. Mr. Scro wore a raincoat for the occasion, he was pied by Ahmed Sharift a former student.  Mr. Scro’s colleagues Ms. Napolitano the dance teacher, and Mrs. Korten the performing arts assistant principal were there to cheer him on and witness the long-standing tradition.

At Mr. Scro’s last holiday celebration Mr. Burbano and Mr. Gambardella pied him. Mr. Scro has said he personally has been pied by other people at least 20 times. This long-standing tradition will continue for the whole year till the second semester of the school year of 2017-2018 is over, this means that Mr. Scro should expect a lot more pieing!