The Curtis Log

  • March 30PSAL Sports Allowed to Resume Practices on April 5th, Talk to Your Coach!
  • March 18Curtis Set to Open on March 22nd to Blended Learning Students
  • March 18After school clubs and performing arts shows postponed due to COVID-19

2015-2016 Staff

Meghan Holliday

Meghan Holliday is the Layout Editor of the Curtis Log.

Ricard Mediavilla

Ricardo Mediavilla is the Lifestyle Editor of the Curtis Log.

Michael Dilluvio

Michael Dilluvio is the Op-Ed Editor of the Curtis Log.

Hannah Lonergan

Hannah Lonergan is the Backpage Editor of the Curtis Log as of the 2016-2017 school year, and has been a contributor of the newspaper since the 2015-2016 school year. Hannah also collaborates and edits the Curtis Log webpage.

Parker Garvin

Parker Garvin is the illustrator for the Curtis Log, and has been working on the paper since his ** year of High School. Parker's Illustrations have been nominated for best illustrations.. etc.

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