Soccer Players Sign to CSI

Thania Hernandez

Curtis varsity seniors Daniel Angulo, Alexis Moran Navarro and Edgar Trujillo will continue their soccer career at CSI. The boys were key-players in the Curtis varsity soccer team. The Curtis boys soccer team made the PSAL AA championship earlier this year. They had developed quite the dynamic with this trio having Angulo and Trujillo play as the center midfielders while Navarro in the back as the center defender. The three boys have developed their own dynamic together throughout the years due to the amount of time they have been playing soccer together, that time being since they were 5 years old.

“I’ve been playing when them for the longest time so I know their style of play and I can rely on them to do what they have to do without worrying too much” says Alexis Moran. Anyone who has seen the trio play can tell that they have chemistry on the field. They know the style of play that they all do. “Since we’ve all been playing in the same position for the multiple years we know exactly where they’re positioned and our chemistry is connected to each of our heads” added Moran.

They will continue their soccer journey together for the next four years at CSI. They all stated that they felt at home at CSI. The coach is enthusiastic having a trio play for him and thinks that they will be a great addition to the team according to  They all have the passion for the sport. Their head coach, Candace Turner states that she will miss them and it is a lost for the Curtis team. They will be missed, but the whole of Curtis would like to wish them the best of luck.