JV basketball wins PSAL championship

LeiAnn David

The Curtis boys JV basketball team won the city championship on March 27, 2019. This was an incredible win and was well-deserved. The team put in hours of hard work to reach this win. Coached by Troy McGhie, they were able to come together each practice and game and create a strong team atmosphere that ultimately made them number one in the city. “It was a great win, a lot of hard work went into the season. It’s nice to have the guys come out on top,” said McGhie.

This past season the boys had a 31-1 record with the only loss to Xaverian High School (56-50). After the one loss, the team made it their goal to dominate not only in Staten Island, but in all five boroughs, and that’s what they did, all the way through the season and playoffs.

In the championship game, the team maintained the lead in all four eight-minute quarters: First (18-11), Second (45-25), Third (61-46), and Fourth (80-60). Tolulope Anjorin had 20 points and 18 assists, followed by Vaughn Young with 18 points and eight assists. Jamal Evans played excellent defense while also scoring 11 points and Eric Dukes with 13. “This was a very special season. I’ve been doing this a long time and it’s rare to have a 31-1 record. So this year was definitely special,” said McGhie.

The season had not only shaped the players to become more well-rounded and brought them to a championship, but it had also shaped Coach McGhie. “I think as you go through the season the players learn from me but I learned some stuff from this group. This group was a very hardworking, very talented group that always found a way to rise to the occasion,” said McGhie.

There were also clear signs of a family atmosphere watching the boys basketball team play. Seeing them connect on and off the court really shed light on what being a successful team is really about. Picking one another up at the right times, pushing each other to do their best, is what creates such unstoppable teams in the long run. “A big attribute was the connection, the togetherness, they liked each other, and played with and for each other,” said McGhie.

When asked whether there was a difference in this season from all others McGhie has coached in the past, he said, “the chemistry and camaraderie were probably the best I’ve ever coached.” The connections the players had was unlike any he had coached before and this made the win even more special. To know that the friendships made through the game would translate into their personal lives and they would forever have a connection with one another.

Their defining moment was when they played a game in the quarterfinals and we pretty much handled them without a problem. McGhie said to his coaching staff shortly after the game that we could win a city championship. Clearly, the determination and feeling of Coach McGhie and his team had paid off. Congrats to McGhie and the boys JV basketball team on their championship win.