Curtis Online Store Opens

Essence Rafael

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How many of you know about the online store? Have you heard of it? Bought from it? The majority of Curtis isn’t even sure it exists. There isn’t specifically one store that is offered on the website. One was launched to collect senior dues while another was launched as an online clothing store. The website that was launched to collect dues  and other fees Mr. Fornabaio describes as “a huge help to the S/O store.” Mr. Fornabio commented saying that “As a senior advisor I am looking forward to everything to be available to sell online.” He continues on to describe how it is less time consuming and how there is less of a risk of students losing the money throughout the day.

The clothing website is a quick, hassle-free, way to stock up on Curtis gear.  The re is a large variety and there are a lot of options to choose from. Kamya Hannah says that it’s a “relief to not have to worry about my money traveling through many sources and potentially getting lost or stolen.” Before the website was created, the only way to obtain varieties of apparel were through catalogs that only sports teams are offered. They would collect the money and orders from students and teachers to hand into their coaches. Then after the orders are in, it would take about another month to two months for the orders to come in. Even when the teams only have a certain amount of players, and the shipments aren’t even shipped to the individual who purchased the items house.

Another limitation would be that those catalogs can’t provide for the whole school. This website eliminates third-parties and allows you to buy directly from the source. Not only that but now, it is offered to everyone so anyone can now go online and purchase whatever they want and get it shipped to their house. The launching of these websites definitely makes the process of paying senior dues and buying clothing 100% more efficient. It also relieves the S/O of some duties which now allows them to allocate more time to accommodate the seniors. Now that you know what it is, go check it out on the website

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