Both bowling teams have successful seasons

Atticus Tacopino

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Curtis’ boys and girls bowling teams ended their 2018 season in two high-energy quarterfinal matches held at Rab’s Country Lanes.

Boys varsity held the No. 5 seed and went up against MSIT Seagulls, who held the No. 4 seed. The Seagulls won the first two games in the match, securing their win against the Warriors.

Despite the loss, there were some noteworthy scores from members of the A and B teams. On the A team, the seniors carried the high scores. Albert Cardone bowled a 193, Matt Fanizzi a 164, and Shane Webster a 172.

The same dynamic followed with the B team. Senior Jason Caccamo bowled a 163, Giovanni Claudio a 161, and Michael Bruno a 154.

Matt Fanizzi bowled the highest score, with a 224 in the C match. Fanizzi described his last match as a Warrior, “It was an awesome season and I’m proud we managed to do this well. Our team has a lot of potential for the future.”

Head Coach Steve Neglia commented on the loss, “although the season ended with a quarterfinal loss, we placed fifth in the city for number of pins and overall we carried a lot of high scores during the season.”

Curtis’ girls bowling team held the No. 10 seed, fell to Tottenville in a 2-1 match. Tottenville won the A and B games against Curtis, ultimately beating them in the quarterfinals.

Although they lost, there were some high scores by the Lady Warriors. In the A game, Ava Ruberti bowled a 158, Hannah Claire Guevarra a 154, Samantha Virgintino a 151.

The B team game had it’s high scores as well, with Cheyanne Richardson bowling a 129 and Ariana Dilillo a 104.

The Lady Warriors triumphed in the C match, with high scores from Ava Ruberti (153) and Sam Virgintino (139).

As a senior and captain, Ruberti felt the team made great strides. She reflected on the season, “we went farther in the playoffs than we have in the past four years and I’m really proud of my team for improving so much.”

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