The best: by the numbers

Daniel Cardona

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  2018 was a good year for both David Garvin and Gennaro Basciano for the fall sports season.

  David Garvin has had an amazing season on the varsity soccer team. He had 22 goals out of 53 shots and five assists in the regular season and three non league goals in the Staten Island High School League. He made four postseason goals out of 10 shots and one assist, racking up for a total of 29 goals and six assists for this year alone. He’s leading the Staten Island division by six goals and also led the City A division by six goals. It has been over 10 years since a Curtis soccer player lead the city in goals. Garvin said without his coaches and his teammates and the great plays and tactics they performed, he wouldn’t have been able to reach his great accomplishment. He hopes to work harder and to top his 22 goals next year.

  Gennaro Basciano was great this season for the Curtis football team. He was the statistical leader in three categories: Passing Yards, Completions, Passing Touchdowns. This season alone, he’s had 1,671 passing yards and 91 completions. He also has quarterback rating of 116.92. He’s contributed a lot to the team with 35 long passes and 12 touchdown passes. He’s accomplished a lot in 9 games and he says it wouldn’t have been possible without his teammates and all of them being on the same page. Basciano said that he plans on doubling his passing yards and touchdowns in 2019.

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