Curtis Warriors football team reign victorious in city championships

Brandon Dilluvio, Webmaster

Through the pouring rain and long train ride to Yankee Stadium, both students and faculty of Curtis high school came to show support for the football team in hopes to catch a glimpse of the Warriors second straight victory in the PSAL final against the same opponents as last year, the Erasmus Hall Dutchmen.

Going into the finals the Warriors, ranked 2 in the city, won every game they have played except for the first game of the season where they fell to the Erasmus Hall Dutchmen. However, in this final, the Warriors managed to get and stay ahead ultimately pulling a single point 36-35 win over the Dutchmen. As they lost their first game of the season to the Dutchmen, the team had a lot to lose as defending champs from last years finals. Quarterback Quincy Barnes “I felt that our team was ready and prepared for the championship game compared to the first game of the season so I was very confident.” Coach Gambardella response to how the team was able to work hard and reign victorious as the championship was” We studied and watched game film and came up with a good game plan that would work.”

The Warriors would come out very confident and start fast against Erasmus Hall jumping out to a 22-7 in the first half. Although the second half would be different the undefeated Dutchman would battle back and tie the game several times at 7,22 and 29 points. The most important play of the game would come in the 4th quarter with 6:11 left. The Erasmus Hall Dutchmen would go for a two-point conversion to take the lead. The Curtis Warriors would have other plans, Senior Dakar Edwards would tackle the opposing player for a loss. The game -saving play would result in a 36-35 Curtis Victory. The Warriors prevailed and won their 7th Championship in twenty seasons.