varsity and JV cheerleaders both get new coaches

With enthusiasm and experience, Erck and Napolitano invigorate their teams.

Corren Bouton, Staff Writer

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This year, both JV and varsity  cheerleaders have new head coaches, art teacher Ms. Erck for JV and dance teacher, Mrs. Napolitano for varsity.

Coaching the team is a brand new experience for Erck and  she is hopeful that it will go well. Erck has already started getting used to being a coach. ‘’It’s fun, something new and different. I get to know a different population of students and it gives me the chance to empower young women.’’

  The art teacher has also come up with ideas and is preparing for the rest of the school year. ‘’I’m looking forward to basketball season and lots of court cheering. I would like to go further with technical cheering too,’’ said Erck. Though working with students isn’t a new experience for Erck, cheer is a brand new aspect when it comes to understanding students and taking the time to get them on a more personal level.

  Coaching the cheerleading does come with it’s hard parts, Erck professed. ‘’My cheerleaders don’t prioritize their grades.’’ Erck had gravitated towards coaching the cheer team because of past involvement with a women’s organization. So far, coaching the girls has given Erck a different look on students and their after school activities.

  As for Napolitano, the dance teacher is also enjoying being the coach for the varsity team. Napolitano was a former cheer captain for Curtis in 1999.

Some of Napolitano’s expectations are to develop relationships on the team and for the girls to cheer for more than just the sports teams. There are also some challenging parts about coaching the varsity team.

  Both coaches are excited to be a part of something quite different compared to their regular classes during the day. They expect that the teams will continue doing what they’re doing while learning new things and getting used to a new coach.


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