Softball competes in the big league

Under new coach girls softball finished the season with an outstanding record.

Curtis High School Girls’ Softball team won a great victory against their opponent Susan Wagner. This home game was on Friday May, 2.  with the warriors posting a 4-3 win.  Ms. Walsh-Lopes, the assistant coach, said, “Its was great, we haven’t beat Wagner in years. We beat Wagner only two other times so its exciting.”

Emily Boyer, senior at Curtis, has been on softball for four years, but have been on varsity for two. “It was exciting, because the Wagner girls were equally as good as us,” Boyer said.  This is the first time the team  beat  Wagner since Boyer was on varsity.

The girls have put in  a lot of hard work and effort this season.  The team boasted a 10 – 6 record.

Junior Athena McGowan have explained how winning and losing doesn’t change a thing. “Even if we don’t win every game, because we are growing as a team, in our hearts we are succeeding,” said McGowan.

This season the girls softball team have been working their hardest with a new coach,  Ms. McNamara. “Coach McNamara has really transformed the whole softball program and has been good motivator for us,” added Athena McGowan.

McNamara has been coaching the girls for one season. “It’s really a good bunch of girls, they work really hard, they come out. They had to get adjusted to having a new coach and I had high expectations for them,” said McNamara.

Unfortunately  the season ended abruptly in the third round of the playoff. The girls lost to Bayside, a second seeded team, with the score of 9-5. Bayside eventually made it to the championship game, where they lost to Tottenville.