Grant used to modernize library


Charlotte Togba

Recently, Curtis has revamped the school library. As of last November, our Warrior library was newly designed with additions of couches, comfortable chairs, and tons of long tales to get schoolwork and studying done. Even the multimedia room received new chairs and board games for larger group that visit the library and want to have fun! With the recent addition of cozy furniture and more space for students, the refurbished area i great for getting away from the long school day and relaxing during your free period!

The funds to create the library came from a grant that was filled out last year. There were over 100 applicants. Fortunately, Curtis High School was chosen to receive the grant and was awarded $53,000. The Vital Libraries grant money comes from the Achilles Fund and is supported by the Funds for Public Schools and the Office of Library Services at the DOE.

Students from all grades have been loving the library and say that the new additions make it all the more worthwhile to get some peace and quiet with friends while they get assignments done and prepare for their next class. Marie Reyes spends her period two break in the library, “It’s very spacious and peaceful. It’s a great place to study and get things finished.” There are multiple areas to relax in , so grab a book and enjoy the new and improved space for students.