‘Lit’ Campus


While walking into Curtis early in the morning or leaving after the sun goes down, you can see a pathway of lights illuminating the front of the campus. For the first time in 117 years, students and staff will be welcomed by inviting lighting as they come in and out of the school. Installed this year in the trees and along the pathway of the front campus are 33 color-changing LED lights. Janitors Cordero and Al, who are responsible for this great addition to the school, say that prior to the lights, the school looked “dark and dingy”. The main goal of this project was to make the school more welcoming and inviting and that is the exact thing it did. Staff member Mr.Cogan commented on the lights by calling them a “real upgrade” and by saying the original dark campus was a “tripping hazard.” With the lit walkway, Curtis is similar to college campuses, especially being one of few S.I. high schools that have a garden/park area in the front. The fun is not limited to outside the campus, as lights have also been installed in the main entrance walkway. When you walk through the school’s double doors, look up, and you can see illuminating multicolor lights. During the holiday season, the lights wrapped around the trees will also serve as decorations to add to the school’s new look. So the next time you are outside the school building, take a moment to notice the beautifully lit walkway.