School Library Has A Grand Reopening

After almost 2 years of no librarian, the library opens with new seating and staff.

Musayeroh Bah, Editor-in-Chief

    For nearly 2 years, the library was closed due to the lack of a definitive librarian and COVID-19 restrictions. But in late September, the library was fully reopened, with many new changes to kick start it as a hub for relaxation and academic achievement. 

    Anyone can go to the library from periods 1-9, provided they either have a hole or are done with school during that period. It has tons of perks: you can sit down and study, pick and choose a book to borrow, print out work, do research on the computers, and so much more. Of course, everyone in the library has to keep their mask on and no eating or drinking is allowed to keep the space clean. 

    Overall, it’s a calm and comfortable place to sit down and take a breather before returning to a busy classroom or extracurricular. 

    What’s amazing about the reopening is that not only do we have one person running the library, but two keeping the peace and the library as comfortable as possible. Ms. Patrisy, the new librarian, is enjoying her first year as the librarian and hopes to expand the space into a center of community for Curtis students. Among the aforementioned functions of the library, she also says that “Of course, we have books, and we’re working on expanding the collection now. We also have databases available, and a partnership with the NYPL, which connects teachers to all of the NYPL resources very easily.” On running the library for the first time, she says that “I’ve been a librarian for about 14 years, and this is the 3rd school I’ve worked in. Before that I was an english teacher, I went to high school here in staten island and I have 2 degrees from CSI. Here, it’s been really great, the students here are great, and I appreciate having this space to come to. I look forward to really expanding it so that students and teachers know that we’re here and what we have to offer. I hope for it to become a place with a sense of community.” Her assistant, Beth Mcginley, is actually an alumni of Curtis High School! On becoming the library assistant, she says that “I got lucky; they needed someone to fill up a spot, they hired me, and it’s working out pretty great! On what the library is like now, I think it’s being used more and it’s come a long way and we’re updating it more and more.”

    Students are just as fond of the new-and-improved library as the librarians. Melanie Oliver, a senior, said that “It’s been quiet, decent, clean, very hot. I like that you can come down here and read whatever you like, like manga. I find the library a nice place to be because it has more space, it’s less crowded, and just calm.” Janiya Pope, a senior, said that “The librarians are all really nice. I like to read science fiction. I also just like to chill down here.” Karen Valencia, a freshman, added that “It’s organized, and I like to read poetry down here.” Emily Amatrubo, a senior, also said “I like the books the most and I like to read thrillers down here.” With these responses, it’s safe to say that the library has been a big plus to the Curtis community!