Cadet Lieutenant Tiana Camara Flies To Washington D.C.


Amber-Ann Houghtaling

     Curtis High School’s very own Cadet Lieutenant, Tiana Camara, was honored with the opportunity to fly to Washington D.C. and meet the Commandant of the Marine Corps. When asked about her overall experience in Washington D.C, she said that “It was wonderful. Yes, it’s a drastic shift from the city life here in Staten Island, but the rural historic scenery is beautiful. The women who picked me and my instructors up from the airport detoured the majority of Washington’s famous landmarks, especially the buildings used during the war.” 

     How did Tiana Camara, a senior, get this opportunity? “I was personally invited by my N.J.R.O.T.C NSI, Gunnery Sergeant Jacqueline Caputi. Prior to teaching, she was a member of the Women Marine Association. What unites this association is a symbolic scarlet rose, genetically developed to match the cap color on the female Marine garrison cover. Although many could be found across the nation, it was thought that they had all disappeared after a period of harsh weather. When the once lost rose was found by Jacqueline Caputi, a ceremony was held in Washington D.C to replant it. I was privately invited by Jacqueline Caputi after enlisting into the United States Navy, with my academic involvement in both the Licensed Practical Nurse program and Naval Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps program. The legacy of the rose is to be carried throughout generations to come, embodying the honor, courage, and commitment of valiant women who have served our national generations. It’s an honor to be selected as the one to represent this generation.” 

     The academic achievements and honor shown by Cadet Lieutenant Camara is admirable and doesn’t go unnoticed. As she described, the best part of her trip was the feeling of inspiration radiating from each and every member of the WMA. “To be welcomed into an exclusive environment and instantly embraced with a sisterly bond (in my case little sister) is amazing.” Along with the beautiful knowledge and experience gained from the trip, Tiana was also gifted a book when she met the last two WWII veterans. All together, Cadet Lieutenant Tiana Camara had an “amazing and humbling trp”, and definitely made the CHS community proud.