Student-Run Senior Field Day


Musayeroh Bah, Editor

On March 30th,  the skies were clear and the weather was mild, a perfect day to enjoy the sunshine and hang out with friends after a very cold winter. On that same day at Cloves Lakes Park, Alexis Pumajero and Jermaine Ampofo decided to host Senior Field Day, their own senior event after a long semester spent dealing with the pandemic. To make the occasion even more special, Alexis said that they spent “somewhere between $100-$120 on cold drinks (water bottles, sodas, Caprisuns, etc) and we also spent money on a couple of pizza pies.” To keep things safe, there were a few designated rules for all attendees: “wear your mask unless you’re eating, bring your own blankets and sports equipment, and remain as separated as possible.” It was also suggested to wear Curtis gear or personalized Senior shirts for some fun pictures!

Joan Gobin, one of the attendees, said that her favorite part was getting to see her friends from the other blended group. “Since I’m in group B I haven’t seen people from group A in a long time. Some people also brought snacks, drinks, and blankets so we could hang out there for a while.” She also expressed that “It was cool to see that students organize the event without any guidance from the school because it showed initiative to bring seniors together again when a lot of us have been disconnected due to Covid-19.”

As a whole, this event was a great senior kick-off to the Spring and shows that even when times are tough, Curtis students are not only capable, but willing, to take initiative and give back to their school community.

Here are some fun pictures of the attendees!