In memoriam: Shane Kelly

The Curtis community mourns the loss of a Warrior life cut short.

Hector Sosa

On December 16th, Curtis junior Shane Kelly was tragically murdered near his home in West Brighton. He died on the scene due to injuries from a gunshot wound to his chest. The motive behind the incident is unknown, as of January 22nd.

Kelly’s friends and family described him as someone who was “always positive” and put the needs of his family first. He was also a caretaker of his grandmother who had been very ill, though has reached the recovery stage.

Marianna Spaine, a senior at Curtis, remembered Shane from middle school. She felt very saddened by his passing. Mr. Archbold remembers Kelly as a happy kid who was very social amongst his peers, and felt heartbroken over his passing. 

Ms. Hynes, a social worker at Curtis, also shared her experiences with Kelly. “I didn’t know Shane all that well but during our short encounters, he was always smiling and a very respectful young man.  I was part of Curtis High School’s grief support team in the days after the tragedy and the amount of people’s lives he touched was evident. I heard stories of his loyalty to and love for his family, everyone talked about how his smile and dimples would light up a room,  which I can personally attest to. The impact he made in his short 16 years on his peers, including much of Curtis’ student body was clear by the outpouring of love and grief in the days following his death. It speaks volumes to the kind of person he was and could have evolved to be.’’

The members of the Curtis Log staff send their condolences to Shane Kelly’s family and friends during this difficult time.