What Happened to Richard Gill?

Richard Gill

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It all started on Saturday October 19, 2019. I was having a normal day, until around 7:30 pm when I went to check PupilPath on my computer. I logged in as normal with my old ID and everything worked just fine. However, once I reached the final step, it displayed a message saying, “No student found”. I thought, “Huh, that’s weird. I didn’t know PupilPath was down. Guess I’ll just check for homework tomorrow.” 

Sunday arrives and I go online to check again. Just like yesterday, same message, no student found. I asked my friends if they were experiencing the same problem and I seemed to be the only one. I checked my phone as well, just to make sure it wasn’t just an issue with my computer. With seemingly no answer to my lack of account, I let it be and planned to get it fixed the next day at school. It’s now Monday and I go to the ID spot. I swipe it as normal but it Buzzed, meaning I had to give an explanation which I couldn’t even give. So I must go to the guidance counselor on the first floor, and she explains “there appears to be someone with the same OSIS number. Its a case of different people, same OSIS number.” This caused me to change my original OSIS into a new one.  You would think this can’t get any weirder, but it definitely does…. I go to log into PupilPath one more time to test it out, and ALL MY GRADES AND ATTENDANCE ARE GONE! So I go to my classes as normal, but all of my teachers don’t have me on the student roster. This means I “don’t exist”. It’s the next day and I go to see Ms. Carrol to find out what’s been going on. She basically told me everything I already knew up to that point but they are working on it. Despite this, I still don’t see half my classes and the grades on it on the main dashboard. However, I was fortunate enough to lose my grades at the time of report cards so teachers have a little bit to go off of. But they lost all of my grades and stats which I hear can’t be recovered, but I guess I just have to wait and see what the future holds for the new Richard Gill.